Tenpoint Stealth XLT Crossbow vs Phantom CLS-S Crossbow Review

During the medieval times, the weapon now known to be a crossbow was called by many names, often coming from the word ballista. Nowadays, this weapon is mainly used for target practice and hunting in the wild. Nonetheless, a crossbow in the hands of a trained marksman is a precise and accurate lethal weapon.

Tenpoint is one of the leading manufacturers in crossbow technologies. As such, their crossbows are known for their innovative features in the hunting industry. One of their latest crossbows, the Stealth XLT, is a lighter and more agile companion of the Turbo XLT. This tenpoint crossbow is primarily aimed for a hunter who wants to upgrade his current crossbow set-up to a more premium one.

The Tenpoint Stealth XLT weights in at around 7 lbs. and 6 oz. Nonetheless, this crossbow projects 420grain arrows at 320 FPS. Thus, culminating in 95.5 foot-pounds of pure kinetic energy. Moreover, the Stealth XLT is molded in a bronze machine aluminum barrel and is equipped with a RangeMaster Pro scope. The ACUdraw cocking mechanism ensures the users of maintaining a balance between accuracy and speed.

An older series companion of the Stealth XLT is the Phantom CLS-S crossbow. Since TenpointCrossbow’s inception in 2007, the Phantom CLS-S crossbow has been known to deliver smooth, quiet and vibration free arrow shots. Moreover, it can generate a devastating payload at 345 FPS. The Phantom CLS-S crossbow features a 3x Pro-2-View scope efficiently mounted on a machined aluminum 7/8-inch dovetail mount. Like the Stealth XLT, the Phantom also comes with an ACUdraw cocking mechanism and the GripGuard safety shield.

The Phantom CLS-S package conveniently comes with a deluxe 4-arrow HX quiver that allows users to quickly attach or detach quivers on the crossbow. A three-pack of Tenpoint’s Pro Elite carbon fiber arrows with 100-grain practice points is likewise included. The Phantom CLS-S is slightly heavier than the Stealth XLT at 8 ½ lbs. Nonetheless; this Tenpoint crossbow is the perfect combination and synergy of form and function, integrating performance and power in every shot.

As an added feature for the CLS and XLT packages, these Tenpoint crossbows also come with a Bowjax noise dampening kit. This package is a combination of accessories that successfully reduce the decibel levels and shortens noise duration when arrows are shot on crossbows. The kit contains a set of Bowjax limb vibration dampeners, barrel dampeners and a retention spring dampener.


Pros of Tenpoint Stealth XLT Crossbow- 

  • Superior sturdiness and material quality
  • Take down any game from up to 60 yards comfortably
  • Beautiful design
  • Particularly comfortable to hold and shoot
  • Painfully accurate
  • ACUdraw technology
  • Superb-quality scope included

Pros of Phantom CLS-S Crossbow- 

  • Patented GripSafety secondary safety
  • Patented DFI (dry-fire-inhibitor)
  • Ambidextrous Automatic Safety
  • CLS (compact limb system) components
  • ACRA-ANGLE aluminum barrel
  • FST style stock
  • Maximum performance power stroke – 13″ or longer
  • Fixed 7/8″ Weaver-style aluminum dovetail scope mount
  • ACUdraw and ACUdraw 50 compatible


Cons of Tenpoint Stealth XLT Crossbow- 

  •  Not cheap
  • Somewhat loud; though makes up for speed