Recurve and Compound Crossbow Hunting Tips

Recurve and Compound Crossbow Hunting Tips



Just like our ancestors, who hunted boars with a bow and arrow, recurve bow hunting offers the real deer stalking experience. Even when using firearms owning one of this, makes you a better hunter. They provide more challenges than firearms, in addition to being silent and deadly.

When using crossbows, there are two types you can use. A recurve crossbow that is simple and depends on your strength to fire arrows. Recurve bow hunting is similar to what our ancestors used. Its counterpart the compound crossbow fires arrows after you press the trigger –it is bigger and has more strength. It also requires more hunting accessories.


Reasons Why We Hunt with Bows


Compared to guns crossbows are superior during survival. Guns are too simple and don’t offer the same physical challenge. Crossbows keep you engaged long after the open season has ended.


During recurve bow hunting you feel the excitement of the hunt. You have to stalk the prey cautiously and you get only one chance to fire. Training is more intensive, exciting and sometimes disappointing. A crossbow allows you to recover arrows and re-use them.


Hunting is calm and peaceful with bows, and the target never sees the arrow coming until it is too late. The truth is that guns are loud and more demanding since ammunition is a must. For the real hunting experience, consider a crossbow.


Recurve Bow Hunting Tips


  1. Size: The proper size guarantees more accuracy and comfort during handling: A pro tip; the length of the bow should match your arm span.


  1. Buy the right bow hunting accessories for target practice. If you are using a tree stump, place the target at a height equal to the deer or boar. Practicing on life-sized targets ensures proper training on how to aim for the heart and lungs.


  1. Select the recurve crossbow that offers the maximum range. A range beyond 20ft is useful for stalking the prey.


  1. Selecting the correct draw weight determines if you will put the boar down. It refers to the amount of force required to pull the string over a distance of 28 inches.


Compound Crossbow Hunting Tips


  1. Know the range you will use before spotting the prey, it saves time and decreases the chance of being detected.


  1. A gentle pull on the trigger is essential. Pull it on the same spot to prevent the early release of the arrow.


  1. Ensure that the path of your limbs and arrow is unobstructed. Use a rest for stability, accuracy and less muscle fatigue. Lean into a tree for support and accuracy.


  1. Practice until you become perfect and use the right bow hunting accessories.


Final Word


The compound bow has a higher draw weight and thus more powerful. Unlike the simple recurve bow it is more technical and louder to set up in the field. However, it has numerous advantages over its simple cousin. Learn to use at least one of these devices. They are engaging, and you can proudly wear the badge of honor after becoming an expert.