Important Crossbow Hunting Accessories

Important Crossbow Hunting Accessories


If you are serious about crossbow hunting, then it is important to make sure that you have all the needed crossbow hunting accessories so as to have a good experience.  A complete crossbow will offer you everything you need and also offer other extras that go beyond the basic accessories that will support your performance.  Here are some of the accessories that I found handy for a great experience and therefore must-haves for your bow hunting gear list.

Lighted Nocks for crossbow bolts


These have improved the hunting experience and are nowadays a very important must have in a bow hunting gear list. They are special because they will travel on super speed such that they cannot be seen using the naked human eye. Secondly, the penetration is so well and usually very hard to retrieve after a shot. Additionally, they don’t affect the arrow trajectory and therefore very good for hunting. Lighted nocks are great for fun and they are a great aid to support targeted shooting. There are many varieties of nocks on the market these days finding one might be difficult.

Heres a list of some popular lighted Nocks you can grab right now :

Lightned Nocks

Brand Diameter Pack SizeColours
TenPoint Crossbows Replacement Omni-Brite 2.0
.297 to .3063 PackRed, and Green
Lumenok Excalibur Firebolt
.3023 PackOrange
Nockturnal-X Lighted Nocks

.2043 PackRed Green Blue and Pink
Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD
20"3 PackRed Blue Green


Precision Scope for Accuracy Improvement


The Range Master Pro Scope has an advanced feature that will help you in accuracy improvement. This advanced feature allows for the calculation of the arrow speed and offers the drop compensation for some bows hence it is a hunter’s companion that you should not miss on your survival gear list. It can be used with the illumination that shows engaged or without just as is the case with the standard scope. Here are other precision scopes that are available to buy on the market


Popular Best Crossbow Scopes

Crossbow ScopeFeaturesPrices
Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope
Check it outout
BARSKA Red Dot 30mm Riflescope for Crossbow
Check it out
TenPoint Crossbows 3x Multi-Line Crossbow Scope
Check out the best pricing
Barnett Illuminated Rifle Scope
3x32 multiple rectile and a rifle scope which can be used on a crossbowClick here for more information about pricing

Range Finders


Judging distance with rangefinder gives better accuracy by far than using naked eyes. Using the naked eyes results into a deceptive exercise and especially when you want to aim in open field of more than 40 yards. You can barely estimate and therefore the rangefinder will help you in achieving desired results. A good example is the vortex ranger 100 and the go-to rangefinder that can help in distances of up to 1000 yards.

Ranger FindersFeaturesPrice
Vortext Ranger 100
Rubber armor provides a secure, non-slip gripCheck out the Best Prices for this range Finder
Laser Rangefinder for Hunting
High Precision:Magnification x objective: 6x 25mm; range measure accuracyCheck out the Best Prices for this range Finder


Cross Bow Case for Travelling


When using the crossbow, travelling becomes much more difficult if you don’t have a protective casing for your equipment. Therefore, you must make sure that you get a nice case that will handle your equipment well. It is better if it is soft with strings so that you can move with it easily. It is actually a requirement to have the case in some jurisdictions. This will come in handy and therefore good to have in your bow hunting gear list.


Shooting Platform


For better accuracy, it is good to have a stable raised foundation so that you can shoot comfortably. Truglo`s Hip Shot Crossbow shooting rest is a good option for hunters. It comes with a rubber foot, and a slingshot-style handle topped with u rest sizeable enough to accommodate any crossbow without the need to have special attachments.


Crossbow Target


Having a lightweight, portable and durable crossbow target is every hunter’s dream, and for this reason, the Cabelas elite stop crossbow target is the hunters preferred crossbow hunting accessory. It comes with 48 visible spots that measure 15 by 15 inches and only 15 pounds. It is thus a very good companion when it comes to bow hunting gear list.


The above survival gear can be found in various survival gear outlets including Wal-Mart.