Horton Eagle Crossbow Teaching Young Archers To Soar

With remakes of movies about archers and crossbow-wielders such as Robin Hood flooding the big screens, it is inevitable that curiosity about archery and crossbows have been piqued, especially among the youth. As such, Horton Archery churns out the Horton Eagle crossbow, a training crossbow that promises family fun while promoting safety for the aspiring archer.

The Eagle is not meant to be a hunting crossbow, but it’s an excellent tool for introducing the crossbow safely to young ones and beginners. It’s one of the most popular crossbows for gym class and beginners courses in archery. It’s lightweight, compact, and it has several features that are meant to ease a novice into archery without shocking him or her with the actual weaponry.

Smaller than most traditional crossbows, the Eagle is only 33 ½” long, 24 ¼” wide, and weighs only 6.5 lbs. Its size and weight makes it easy for younger archers to get used to wielding the crossbow. Its stock is custom-built for youth, as is its grip and forearm. It’s smaller structure and low poundage doesn’t give it as much speed as the more powerful crossbows, but at 127 feet per second, the Eagle is the ideal tool to practice aiming and shooting.

To help beginners get used to the mechanisms of a crossbow, the Eagle comes with enhanced features to make the process practically effortless. It has built-in energy wheels so that the user expends less force to cock the device. Its fiber-optic peep and pin sight is designed with the Horton’s trademark Dial-A-Range technology to help the budding hunter adjust their aim for different ranges.

Of course, archery isn’t complete without the arrows. The Eagle comes with three arrows, and three practice points, for safe target shooting even in one’s own backyard. Not only that, it also comes with a hip quiver, a case to hold an aspiring hunter’s arrows. With the Eagle, its arrows, practice points, and quiver, the young archer is bound to enjoy his practice sessions as he masters using his crossbow.

Archery has been a major part in human history, from ancient wars, to sports, and entertainment. With the release of the Horton Eagle Crossbow, the art and skill will surely be passed on to the next generation of young archers and hunters. Designed to be easy to handle, learning how to use the crossbow is now safer, and more fun, than ever, thanks to the Eagle.