Every hunter wants to assure that he has the best-hunting gadgets because that is the only way he can meet his hunting requirements. There are several hunting gadgets available in the market and the most common ones are guns, rifles, and crossbows. Over the past crossbow hunting has gained popularity because there is no noise and you can silently kill as many animals as you want.

However, there is a huge variety of products available in the market and selecting the best one might get tough for you. Today we have for you the Excalibur Matrix 360.


It would not be wrong to say that the Excalibur Matrix 360 is one of best crossbow for the money. Matric 360 is exactly what you are looking for because it is a sturdy and reliable product. It has been manufactured with the best quality material to assure that you can operate the product for a long time. The biggest attraction of the item is that it is comfortable in hands. It means that you will not feel tired even after a long hunting session. It has a special camouflage appearance which means that it will get easier for the hunters to stay hidden.


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The biggest attraction of the product is that it is light in weight. It means that if you are planning to hunt with the tree stand you can easily carry the crossbow without straining your muscles. You can easily take care of the item because the crossbow is easy to maintain. Hunters of every skill level can easily and handle and manage the accurate crossbow.

The limbs of the crossbow have a sturdy build and it will provide the perfect stability and balance when you are trying to aim. You will get a smooth and reliable performance everything you are out hunting. You can easily attach it to the limbs and so the accurate crossbow will be ready to shoot within minutes.

You can keep the product securely against the shoulder. It has been built in such a way that it can withstand any type of outdoor hunting session. The Excalibur Matrix 360 will meet your expectations in the best possible manner.

Special attention has been paid to the design of the Excalibur Matrix 360 and it has been assured that you will get an easy to manage product. It has been given the real tree design so that it can perfectly blend with the surroundings. When you will fire the first bow you will love the effect it has, without a single sound the bow will directly reach your target and you will make a score.

Your prey will never get the idea that you are anywhere near because there is a special suppressor in the accurate crossbow. You can easily keep the item in even the smallest places to assure that you can easily travel with it. If you are planning to go on a hunting trip to another country the security teams will allow you to take your bow because we all know that it is not a threat to the humans.

In the Excalibur Matrix 360, it has been assured that the product has all the safety features. There is a special anti-dry-firing device within your crossbow. The benefit of this technology is that it will prevent the arrows from being accidentally released. So your device will not be a threat to the people around you. It will also provide you the complete control so you will not have to deal with the damaging dry fires from happening.

The overall performance of the bow can be ruined with a simple misfire and so special protective measures have been taken. In order to enhance your performance, the trigger of the Excalibur Matrix 360 is simple to pull. You will get the additional time while pulling the trigger because of the slight delay. It will allow you to assure that your aim is right. Excalibur Matrix 360 has to undergo special tests to assure that it will provide the ebst6 performance. Every part of the product is separately prepared and tested.


Excalibur Matrix 360 has been manufactured with the following amazing features.

  • In the Excalibur Matrix 360, you will get everything that is required for hunting
  • It is the perfect device for the beginners and professional hunters
  • You will get all the tools and the instruction guideline that will help you to manage the tool perfectly.
  • It is a recurve crossbow so do not get confused when you are assembling it for the first time. once you have assembled the crossbow it is very simple to restring.
  • You will get a convenient quiver with the four Diablo arrows in the kit with some exciting field tips
  • Rope cocking aid is included in the kit to assure that you can easily carry the product
  • You can easily draw the bow and the functionality is simple that makes it easy to release
  • It is a dampening device that will efficiently muffle the external sounds
  • Accurate crossbow has the perfect scope to line up the shots so that you will never miss your target


Some of the amazing benefits that you will get from the Excalibur Matrix 360 are

  • Accurate crossbow has the best quality scope
  • Durability and built is amazing
  • It will provide you a good crossbow hunting experience
  • It is 5.9 pounds which means it is lightweight
  • Excalibur Matrix 360 is compact
  • Crossbow is really powerful


Some of the drawbacks that you might come across are.

  • Excalibur Matrix 360 is expensive that makes it more than it deserves
  • The power stroke is short even with the 260-draw weight