Guns and rifle are good for hunting but they great a loud noise during shooting due to which it becomes hard for the hunters to hunt down many animals at the same time. There are noise blockers available, but they are expensive, and all the hunters cannot afford them.

This is the reason that silent killer known as the crossbow is being utilized by the hunters. There are many hunters that are skilled in used the gadget and they have taken their hunting skills to the best level with the help of crossbow hunting tree stand. However, there are some beginners that do not know how to use the tree stand. To help you out here we have the perfect guideline for using the tree stand.

Crossbow hunting tips

Stand placement

The crossbow hunting begins with the placement of the tree stand. It is the toughest job because there are many things you have to consider to assure that you stand has been properly placed.

  • Start with the knowledge of the forest that you have. You should know that from where the deer will come
  • It is important that you adjust the face of the stand in the right direction so that you can clearly see the animals
  • Select the tree with which you are going to place the stand. You have to assure that it is strong and can easily hold your weight

Stand height

An essential thing you have to consider is the height of the tree stand. Remember that in order to hide from the animal and to assure that you can easily kill your target the height should be proper. If you are beginning the best choice would be 10 feet high because you are still in the learning process.

On the other hand, if you are planning to hunt down some deer in the long location then you will have to take the crossbow hunting tree stand at least 20 feet high. Make sure that the tree with your stand is strong and high enough to provide you proper support. Make sure that you can clearly see the forest from the stand so that you can have a clear target.

Direction of stand

One of the most important crossbow hunting tips is to know the direction from where your target is coming. You should know the right direction because that is the only way you can properly adjust the stand. Remember that if you will place the stand in the wrong direction you can never catch the prey. The reason is that you cannot move on the stand because of its height. A single wrong move and you might fall to the ground. Make sure that you take the right steps while selecting the direction.

Mark the distance

In the last, it is important that you mark the distance from where you will be shooting with the help of the tape. There are different shades of tapes available and use the one that you can easily see from the height. It will help you to shoot your arrow in the right direction. When you will use a reflecting tape, it will help you to see the path even when the light is dim. In this way, you will get the best results every time you go out for hunting.

Best tree stand for crossbow hunting

Once you are done with learning the tips and techniques it is important that you select a reliable crossbow hunting tree stand for the hunting trip. There is a huge variety of products available in the market and selection of the best one can get really tough.

We know that you will get confused when you visit the market. There are so many features in different items and so to help you out here we have the top 3 best tree stand for crossbow hunting for you.

Guide Gear Basic

The product has an uncomplicated structure and the design if the item is basic. The crossbow hunting tree stand is functional and easy to adjust. It is a perfect treestand for the beginners who do not know how to adjust the item for the best results. It will meet all you need and will provide you with successful results. There is a padded seat and an armrest so that you can easily adjust on the platform. It has been manufactured with the best quality material to provide you with the durable results.

Summit Treestands Viper SD

It is the aluminum tree stand that will keep you concealed in your place. the seat of the stand is highly comfortable to assure that you can easily sit even for long hours. All you have to do is assure that the platform is adjusted properly on the tree. It can easily hold 300 pounds and you can take is as much higher as you like. There is proper padding and a space to keep all your weapons while you go up hunting.

Millennium Treestands M100U-S

Most of the crossbow hunting tree stands available in the market are heavy and it is hard to take them up. In order to resolve this issue, M11U-S has been manufactured with a special lightweight design. It has been given a beach chair like design to assure that your body will get a proper support when you are at the top of the tree. It has a durable powder coat that will keep the chair intact and protect it from rusting if it rains while you are hunting.

Bottom line

Make sure that you select the best tree stand for crossbow hunting that will meet your requirements perfectly. Do not rush into making a decision because you have to assure that the height and seating space of the product is perfect. You have to consider your budget as well so that you will not have to deal with financial issues when it comes to buying the tree stand.